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The strange case of Jekyll and Hyde

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel by Northumberland Theatre Company Artistic Director, Louis Roberts, and accomplished playwright Stewart Howson, NTC invites you to join us this Summer for an evening of gleefully gothic and fantastically physical storytelling and experience the tale of Jekyll and Hyde: a story that explores themes such as identity, addiction and the duality of human nature.

Dates for the show:

27th July – The Dovecote Centre, Amble, 19.30.

Pay what you can afford performance. To reserve tickets email us at:

28th July – 1st August, Aseembly Rooms, Durham, Fringe Festival, 22.45.

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The Importance of being Earnest.

Touring Autumn 2021.

The Importance of being Earnest tells the story of two young bachelors, John ‘Jack’ Worthing and Algernon ‘Algy’ Moncrieff, who create alter egos named Ernest to escape their tiresome lives. They attempt to win the hearts of two women, Cecily and Gwendolyn who, conveniently enough, claim to only love men called Ernest…

You can book your tickets by getting in touch with the individual venues, however to book tickets for the performance at The Dovecote Centre in Amble, head on over to:


The Amble Panto – Cinderella!

Christmas 2021.

In a far away Kingdom, long ago, Cinderella is living happily with her mother and father until one day, her mother tragically dies. Cinderella’s father remarries a cold, cruel woman who has two daughters who turn Cinderella into a servant in her own home and imprison her in the basement. Meanwhile on the other side of town, Prince Charming is holding the annual Royal Ball…Will Cinders make it in time and find her happily ever after? Sounds like a job for a Fairy Godmother…

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Also coming in 2021!