Welcome to NTC!

Who are we?


NTC is a professional small-scale touring theatre company. We have recently moved to the Dovecote Centre, Dovecote Street, Amble, Northumberland. The company’s artistic policy is to provide professional touring theatre of the highest quality, particularly to theatreless zones in rural areas where access to live theatre is otherwise limited. NTC have recently been described as ‘one of the very best small theatre companies in the country’ by the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal.

What is our history?

NTC was created in 1978 as Theatre in Northumberland Schools, funded by the Education Authority and based in Backworth. In the early 1980s, Northern Arts offered the Company revenue support to extend our role into touring village halls and community centres. Then, in 1984, we bought the Playhouse Theatre in Alnwick, a former cinema which we converted into a 150 capacity studio / rehearsal room, with ancillary offices, workshop and wardrobe facilities. The Company owned the Playhouse and leased the upstairs 262 seater auditorium to Alnwick District Playhouse Trust. This building was sold in February 2018 to the Northumberland County Council. We have recently moved to the Dovecote Centre in Amble where we will continue to produce touring theatre but also aim to create a cultural hub.

Where do we play?

The company’s venues are predominantly village halls and community centres in small rural towns and villages in the North East region and the Scottish Borders. NTC is also recognised nationally as one of the best small scale companies touring to non-traditional theatre spaces in the country. We regularly tour as far North as Wick in Scotland, Ebbw Vale in South Wales and to Suffolk in Southern England. The majority of the touring comprises of one night stands, although we do play for longer in the larger venues. NTC has commissioned twenty world premieres since the year 2010 and has a national touring profile of over 50%. In the last eight years, more than 43,000 people have seen an NTC production. Last year, we travelled almost 11,000 miles and gave over 95 performances.

How are we funded?

NTC are not a funded theatre company, funding is raised slowly, step by step on a project by project basis, as needed.

The continued support of Northumberland County Council and the surrounding parishes of Northumberland, Trusts, Foundations and our Friends is invaluable.

What is our financial situation?

You can view our 2015 accounts and 2016 accounts.

How are we organised?

We work on a part time basis, our staff include the Artistic Director Louis Roberts, Tours Administrator Natalie Barnes, and Associate Director Alice Byrne. All of us are in on Mondays but we can now be reached every day of the week! We also have a developing core of actors, writers and stage managers who work regularly with the company and are employed for particular productions only.

The Management of NTC is overseen by an active board of Directors. They are drawn from the wider Northumbrian community for their specific skills in finance, marketing, business and the law together with representatives from the regions artistic community.


How can you book us to stage a show in your community?

All NTC productions are suitable to tour small-scale theatres, arts centres, village and community halls. NTC can transform any hall into a theatre. Productions will be performed either traverse or in-the-round. And our fees for staging a show are very reasonable; you can easily cover these from your ticket sales.

For further information, please contact Natalie Barnes, our Company Administrator, by telephone or fax or by using our convenient e-mail form in the contact section. You will find us helpful, friendly and happy to provide advice. But don’t leave it too late – our productions are very popular!