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4 Scene

4 Scene
Four short, very different, enthralling new plays showcasing some of the best and up-and-coming regional theatre writing talent - a terrific evening of theatre, performed by six actors. Comic, heart-warming, passionate and full of energy, 4SCENE's four half-hour plays will explore life in all its guises - be prepared for a roller-coaster ride of emotions and laughter!

Free Fall

Suitable for ages 13+.

Please note all telephone numbers suppplied are for ticket purchases.

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Nicola Welburn and Nigel Collins in A Village LifeSamantha Morris and Dan O'Brian in Oceans 5 1/2Star Quality by Barry StoneSandra Hunt and William Reay in A Village Life4Play 2011Star Quality by Barry StoneJennifer Gabriele, Eleanor Dennison, Nigel Collins and Louis Roberts in Beauty and the Beast