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NTC Latest Financial Accounts and Report for the Year Ended 31 March 2016

This is what we did in 2016:


During the year, the Company staged two plays: in the autumn it toured ‘A Wife or the Gallows’ a compilation of five new plays based upon Wilson’s Tales from the Borders and North East and for Christmas it was ‘The Ugly Duckling’ by Neil Duffield. In the spring we had a wonderful two weeks of workshops developing ideas for the future. The audience and critical response to these productions was excellent:

  • 50% of the Company’s work was new writing.
  • The Company employed 112 actor weeks in rehearsal and performance. 79% of actors were locally based.
  • The Company provided 34 weeks of employment for technical and production staff, 100% of whom were locally based.
  • There were the equivalent of 1.5 full-time staff, comprising Artistic Director, Tours Manager, Design Management Associate and Finance Manager.
  • The Company gave a total of 70 performances, of which 75% were in the Northern region. The total audience was 3,904.
  • Over 204 volunteer venue promoters supported the company over the 2 shows. There were 14 new venues.

‘Really enjoyed the show. We need more high quality touring theatre like this around here. We also need great actors to tell us stories and take us to other worlds and if they can’t practise and hone their art, how will we get these exciting and unique experiences that are inspiring and raise quality of life?’
Audience Comment

The Ugly Duckling

We were involved in a number of workshops and activities during the year:

  • We held a ‘Writing for Theatre’ workshop – 15 prospective contributors to A Wife or the Gallows were invited to a workshop. Following on from this the writer’s reworked their piece; Chris Salt’s ‘The First Alarm’ was selected for inclusion within the show. This was followed up by a workshop in July to commence work with the Wife scripts.
  • We held a ‘How to Audition Effectively’ masterclass which was well received, 25 people attended.
    “I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you so much for yesterday's workshop. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I felt humbled by the bravery and talent shown in the room. You opened a space for people to showcase themselves and to feel comfortable enough to be guided by you. You have inspired me to be the best I can be in what I do. I am going to take on board all the advice given. I've got a feeling that this year will be a very exciting year indeed! Thanks again.” Jen Carss
  • A 2 week R&D workshop exploring more than 12 new projects and funded by ACE GftA, took place in March, including a 2 day workshop session with Jonnie Riordan from Frantic Assembly. These explorations were shared at a presentation to 50 promoters, and Friends and Family members where there was also the opportunity to discuss the projects that were in development and suggest other ways for NTC to develop and expand.
  • Gill directed ‘Shakespeare’s Yorkshire’ at Jervaulx Abbey produced by Louise Best (trainee on 4Scene) of the ‘Think Light Platform’ and ‘Christmas with Bill’ at Masham Town Hall.

    The money we received:


    How we spent it:


    We succeeded in raising £107,891 (2015 - £115,263) from Arts Council and trusts for core and show costs. Many trusts and foundations are unable to support more than one project a year or offer the security of long term funding. However, a number of trusts have supported us as often as their guidelines permit and for this we would like to thank them for their continued support – The Foyle Foundation, The Joicey Trust, The Sir James Knott Trust and the Barbour Foundation to name but a few. Many thanks also to the Arts Council for supporting both ‘A Wife or the Gallows’ and the workshop. We hope that they will continue to support projects; however the nature of our work which is to provide theatre to smaller audiences inevitably struggles to compete with urban-based companies, larger projects and audiences.

    It has been a good solid year, 2 shows toured to many diverse audiences, the pace has been fast. We have continued to learn a lot about planning and timetabling, to fundraise effectively and efficiently, however what can be achieved in just two days a week is restricting. We continue to work towards a level of sustainability which will give us a sound basis for the future.

    To see the full directors report click here Report of the Directors.

    You can view our 2016 accounts here.

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We found the Charity Commission website and their online publications invaluable in the production of these accounts.