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Northumberland Theatre Company



NTC is a professional small-scale touring theatre company based at the Playhouse, Alnwick. We tour shows around the country, predominantly using village halls and community centres as venues in small rural towns and villages

"NTC's productions may be small-scale and done on a shoestring but they are backed by a team which can match anything done by much bigger, purpose built theatres and whose imagination and ability to weave a storytelling magic as they transform unpromising spaces into theatres for the night is second to none" - Lynn Gardner, The Guardian


Shakespeare Workshops

Posted by: Karen - Wed 29th Jun 2016 2:08pm
With the support of the Ernest Cook Trust, we are pleased to be able to offer Shakespeare Workshops. Providing a fascinating insight into how Shakespeare wrote for actors by placing his staging instructions within the text: exploring the hidden meanings of his punctuation, cue lines and repetitions which enabled his contemporary actors to perform having only seen their ‘parts’ and their cues.


‘In a world where students are often confined to desks during their study of drama in the English classroom, this approach offers a really valuable way for students to develop understanding of challenging texts through kinaesthetic approaches. Working together to select scenes to ensure that students’ active work will support their exam work when they return to the classroom. This approach can also support content revision in other key texts studied in English and Drama.’

For full details please see the attached document Workshops.

Dracula flying through Northumberland and beyond

Posted by: Karen - Wed 27th Apr 2016 9:25am

Pop-up production available from May 2016 onwards:

‘Dracula – an Entertainment’:

Devised and created by NTC and writer Stewart Howson from the novel by Bram Stoker.

Visually and physically exciting this will be Gothic storytelling at its best: imaginative, scary and atmospheric this new show will appeal to family audiences: featuring all the anticipated elements of the story: wolves, bats and the Brides of Dracula, and with plenty of audience participation, humour and music this production will feature 3 professional actors taking on a range of roles within the story and is designed to work in any space inside or out.

With a running time of approx 55 minutes this show can be performed with or without an interval.

Book now phone Hilary.

Busy Bees

Posted by: Karen - Mon 18th Apr 2016 11:21am
We are very excited about the new shows, 'How to Make a Killing in Bollywood' and 'Little Red Riding Hood and Other Tales', here are the new images.

How to Make  killing in Bollywood Little Red Riding Hood

How to Make a Killing in Bollywood is sold out and we have 4 dates left for Christmas, so if you haven't booked you best ring Hilary soon.

You may have noticed the exciting news in the newspapers about our proposed move, we will keep you posted when we have more concrete information.

Christmas show now open for bookings.

Posted by: Karen - Mon 29th Feb 2016 12:27pm
We are pleased to announce that the Christmas show is now open for bookings. We are producing a new and exciting play called 'Red Riding Hood and Other Tales'.

NTC’s own special adaptation is a new combination of well loved, familiar and unfamiliar fairy tales: a collection of funny and scary stories including Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf and The Fox, making ideal seasonal entertainment for family audiences. With lots of music, chilling moments and plenty of laughs - this is imaginative storytelling at its best.

Red and Other

So give Hilary a call on 01665 602586 or email on [email protected]

New programme out

Posted by: Karen - Mon 1st Feb 2016 2:37pm
We are taking bookings for our new autumn show 'How to Make a Killing in Bollywood', written and devised by Umar Ahmed and Manjot Sumal.

This is a musical comedy about two best friends who decide to quit their jobs in a fast food restaurant and head to Bollywood in search of fame and fortune. A play about friendship and ambition and the lengths people will go to realise their dreams, punctuated throughout with a fantastic sound track and infectious injections of Bollywood dance moves.

'From the minute the actors come bounding onto stage their exuberance reverberates through the auditorium catching everyone up in this tale of ambition, hope, friendship and Bollywood. Brilliantly choreographed and superbly acted against a simple backdrop, this show proves you don’t need a big budget to produce a big hit.' Fringe Review

'This musical successfully combines comedy and drama, as the main characters manoeuvre their way through the challenges thrown at them as second generation Asian Scottish citizens. Tired of their mundane soul destroying menial jobs and deflated by typecasting and stereotypes, two friends set off in an ambitious adventure into unknown territory, in order to fulfil unrealised potential. However, not all is as it seems and they soon encounter challenges to their friendship, and their naivety in relation to Bollywood is soon shattered. This lively play engages the audience in emotionally charged themes, upbeat Bollywood songs, and spectacular and beautifully choreographed dance routines. The energy of the dance routines can only be fully appreciated with live performances such as this. This play is a must for Bollywood fans and those who appreciate fine theatre. The poetic descriptions of India gave the audience an insight into the incongruence of the chaos and magical allure of the land, which held hope of success for the two friends. It was a lovely experience and highly recommended.' Studio Bradford

'A clever and ambitious play. Yet it’s almost-inevitable climax remains a surprise, quite a shocking one at that, which the play manages because of its expert juxtaposition and blending of dark and light, both visually and metaphorically. It’s a play of light and dark; a play of life and death; a play of laughter and sorrow.'
Online review

How to Make a Killing in Bollywood

So give Hilary a call on 01665 602586 or email on [email protected]

We are still having a think about Christmas. we have a workshop in March and will be throwing around (considering) ideas at that point.

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Forthcoming Shows:
25 Oct 16 - How to Make a Killing in Bollywood
Kirkwhelpington Memorial Hall, Northumberland
26 Oct 16 - How to Make a Killing in Bollywood
Tullynessle and Forbes Village Hall, Aberdeenshire
27 Oct 16 - How to Make a Killing in Bollywood
Finzean Village Hall, Aberdeenshire
28 Oct 16 - How to Make a Killing in Bollywood
New Deer Public Hall, New Deer, Aberdeenshire
29 Oct 16 - How to Make a Killing in Bollywood
Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire
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