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Northumberland Theatre Company



NTC is a professional small-scale touring theatre company based at the Playhouse, Alnwick. We tour shows around the country, predominantly using village halls and community centres as venues in small rural towns and villages

"NTC's productions may be small-scale and done on a shoestring but they are backed by a team which can match anything done by much bigger, purpose built theatres and whose imagination and ability to weave a storytelling magic as they transform unpromising spaces into theatres for the night is second to none" - Lynn Gardner, The Guardian



Posted by: Karen - Mon 17th Nov 2014 10:12am
Just a gentle reminder to everyone that if you do your on-line shopping through the easyfundraising gateway then we receive a donation for each transaction.

For further information please click here.

Get your tickets now!

Posted by: Karen - Mon 10th Nov 2014 3:07pm
NTC welcomes back Eleanor Dennison, Nigel Collins and Umar Ahmed as the cast of Mike Kenny's 'Rumpelstiltskin', also joining the cast are Sam Gannon and our 'golden opportunity' winner Helen Cooper.

A list of the venues on the Rumpelstiltskin tour are now available (see shows), contact your venue and book your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


'I have always had a fascination with fairy stories. The best fairy tales contain deep truths about living. I assume they were probably told in kitchens, around fires, probably the telly of their day. They're stories that can grip you whatever your age. Rumpelstiltskin has always been one of my favourite stories. Ever since I was young. And I'm not sure why. It's built on a series of boasts and bad bargains. I just think we all know, that when the Miller declares that his daughter can spin straw into gold, that it's not going to turn out well.

Promises, promises go down deep
Don't make promises you can't keep.

And I think we also know that if you can give something it's real name then it has no power over you.

NTC are one of my favourite companies. It seems to me that they do theatre the way it is supposed to be done. I love to write plays which are for everyone, whatever their age, class or cultural background. It's rare these days that we all gather round to listen to stories that apply to us all. When I watch NTC they return me to that time when I was a child listening to stories, and even further back than that, to a time when people sat in kitchens, and around fires spinning yarns. I'm really happy to be a part of it.'

Mike Kenny

An Opportunity not to be 'Mythed'!

Posted by: Karen - Tue 4th Nov 2014 2:26pm
• NTC is delighted to announce that The Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts programme and The Mercer’s Company have provided funding to produce ‘4THOUGHTS’: MYTH, MUSIC, MAYHEM AND MIRTH - an evening of 4 new plays/musicals which will tour the Northern Region in spring 2015.

• NTC is seeking 2 acting ‘trainees’ to fully participate in this new writing project.

• NTC has wide ranging experience and success in encouraging and training new talent through its previous award winning InterACT programme and traineeships on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Grimm Tales’ and ‘4Scene’.

• This opportunity will enable two performers (1m and 1f) to join the cast of ‘4THOUGHTS’: MYTH, MUSIC, MAYHEM AND MIRTH, learning and developing their craft ‘on the job’, working alongside experienced professionals. There will also be the opportunity for additional skills training and career development.

• This exceptional opportunity offers a training bursary of £280 p.w., accommodation in Alnwick during rehearsals and accommodation on tour.

• To apply you must be over 18, originate from, be resident or have trained in the Northern Region and will usually have undertaken a degree or equivalent training course within the last 3 years. (Applicants for previous ‘Opportunities’ may re-apply)

• You must be available from 2 February – 22 March 2015 inclusive. This is a full time opportunity and will include weekend and evening working - you will also be required to write a final report on your experience.

• Auditions will take place in Alnwick, Northumberland on Monday 8 December.

• Please email a photo, CV (or Spotlight link) and letter of application outlining your skills and experience, including musical ability, demonstrating how this opportunity will make a difference to your career and development as a performer by Monday 1 December.

Email: [email protected]
Contact Gill.

Writer alert!

Posted by: Karen - Mon 29th Sep 2014 12:21pm




NTC Touring Theatre Company has received funding from ACE Grants for the Arts to produce:


An evening of 4 new plays which will tour the Northern Region in March 2015

And seeks writers of new plays/musicals
Writers may have had some professional productions of their work or may be complete beginners, this is an open competition process.

Click here for further information.


Posted by: Karen - Tue 9th Sep 2014 10:41am


We have a full tour for the Christmas show, we will be appearing at a venue near you between 26 November 2014 and 24 January 2015. We are very excited about the invitation from the Stratford ArtsHouse to appear for the week before Christmas.

A family show for Xmas/winter – performed in NTC’s inimitable style – December 2014/January 2015. The story of a boast that becomes a lie! The royal vaults, once full of gold, are now stuffed with straw ... the rain won’t stop, the harvest is flattened and people are getting really cheesed off. Forced to do something about his miserable position, the King hears a rumour of a beautiful miller’s daughter with magical powers. Will she be able to achieve his impossible tasks? If she is to be helped, what will she have to give in return.

Keep an eye open for more details, coming soon.


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