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Northumberland Theatre Company



NTC is a professional small-scale touring theatre company based at the Playhouse, Alnwick. We tour shows around the country, predominantly using village halls and community centres as venues in small rural towns and villages

"NTC's productions may be small-scale and done on a shoestring but they are backed by a team which can match anything done by much bigger, purpose built theatres and whose imagination and ability to weave a storytelling magic as they transform unpromising spaces into theatres for the night is second to none" - Lynn Gardner, The Guardian


Red Reviews

Posted by: Karen - Mon 12th Dec 2016 1:27pm
The camping trip

Read the reviews:
The Northumberland Gazette

Audience members:

My children and I had a fantastic afternoon of entertainment at Shap thanks to you. Well done for giving such an energetic and engaging performance. I will be spreading the word about your work and look forward to you visiting the area again.

All 3 girls I brought to the performance of Red Riding Hood at Shap this afternoon loved the show and continued telling stories all the way home. Thank you.

Hansel and Gretel Red and her family

Red Signed Performance

Posted by: Karen - Wed 30th Nov 2016 12:04pm
Little Red Riding Hood

There will be signed performances of Red Riding Hood and Other Tales on 7 January at the Blyth Methodist Church and on 10 January 2017 at the Newbiggin Maritime Centre.

Give a little whilst you shop on line.

Posted by: Karen - Wed 23rd Nov 2016 9:33am
Give a little thought to charities when doing your Christmas shopping. Use the Easyfundraising gateway to access a multitude of websites - Amazon, Ebay, Groupon, M&S, Waterstones and many, many more. By using this gateway you donate to a charity close to your heart and it does not cost you a thing! (We also have no idea how you spend - there is complete privacy).

NTC can be found under

NTC Touring Theatre Company Ltd

- don't delay.

Get your NTC Christmas show tickets now!

Posted by: Karen - Tue 18th Oct 2016 10:35am

'Red Riding Hood and Other Stories'

by our very own Louis Roberts.

Little Red Riding Hood

NTC’s own special adaptation is a new combination of well loved, familiar and unfamiliar fairy tales: a collection of funny and scary stories including Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf and The Fox, making ideal seasonal entertainment for family audiences. With lots of music, chilling moments and plenty of laughs - this is imaginative storytelling at its best.

Venue details now available see SHOWs. See you there!

Last chance to see 'How to Make a Killing in Bollywood'!

How to Make a Killing in Bollywood

Only 11 dates left in the tour. Buy a ticket now to see this hugely popular show!

Mesmerizing Mumbai!

Posted by: Karen - Mon 19th Sep 2016 12:02pm
Photos from 'How to Make a Killing in Bollywood'.

How to Make a Killing in Bollywood

Read the reviews:
The Northumberland Gazette

How to Make a Killing in Bollywood How to Make a Killing in Bollywood

Audience reviews:

Fantastic actors, emotional response to an emotive play, best play this year.
Brilliant, both of us really enjoyed it. Original and innovative. Thank you.

How to Make a Killing in Bollywood How to Make a Killing in Bollywood

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Jennifer Gabriele, Nigel Collins, Louis Roberts and Eleanor Dennison  in Beauty and the BeastNigel Collins, Jennifer Gabriele and Eleanor Dennison in Beauty and the BeastStar Quality by Barry Stone4Play 2011Star Quality by Barry StoneStar Quality by Barry StoneJennifer Gabriele, Eleanor Dennison, Nigel Collins and Louis Roberts in Beauty and the Beast